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The Agnini Brothers in Athens to celebrate the 30 years of Alpha Biotech

Saturday the 6 of April, the Agnini Brothers were hosted in Athens, at the Sadent headquarter, to discuss about the Implant Prosthetic management of the Anterior Area in the Digital era.

During the day the Italian Brothers discussed about the Modern Clinical Therapies on how to treat the critical interface: Dual Zone – Partial Extraction Therapy and Surgical Veneer Grafting.


The event was set up to celebrate the 30 years of Alpha Bio.

Alpha-Bio Tec ( is a leading developer and manufacturer of advanced dental implants. For three decades, the company has been committed to excellence in the design and production of innovative implants and prosthetics and recognized for its simple implantology solutions.


Alpha-Bio Tec provides dental clinics with comprehensive services with the most advanced implants in the market today, standard and digital restoration parts, and the surgical instruments dentists and technicians deploy to perform the implants.

Alpha-Bio Tec uses the highest quality standards, providing unmatched service to its customers, including a lifetime warranty on its implants. Alpha-Bio Tec products and solutions are marketed and sold worldwide through a professional distributor network.