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The Agnini Brothers at the EMEA Kick Off Meeting for ZimmerBiomet

Wednesday the 6 of February the Agnini Brothers had the opportunity to share their digital know how with all the EMEA representative. The lecture titled “The Digital Implant Revolution” highlighted all the actual benefits of modern dentistry and how these could lead the future of everyday clinical implant routine.


The meeting was held in Rome, and the President and the VPs of the company were present to outline the educational and selling strategy for 2019.


Technological superiority defines the future of implant dentistry, and Zimmer Biomet Dental is leading this charge. Their teams of engineers, scientists, designers and clinicians are committed to developing innovative solutions that shape the future of oral care.


Zimmer Biomet is committed to education, having 5 Institute around the world transforming the traditional classroom into a revolutionary learning facility. Each Zimmer Biomet Institute is equipped with the latest tools and advancements in implant dentistry as well as state-of-the-art audio and visual equipment.


Agnini Brothers and ZimmerBiomet have a strong relationship and collaboration that goes on since 2006 and that will continue over the years focusing especially in the Digital Dental Revolution development.