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Novadent Dental Lab


The Novadent laboratory has been working in the field of dental CAD/CAM for ten years.
The initial breakthrough in the digital sector was made possible by the purchase of the PROCERA-FORTE system. The head of the laboratory, Ivo Sighinolfi, who work with the Agnini Clinic from the early 90’s, developed a procedure that goes beyond classic lost-wax casting, especially for implant bridges. This allowed the laboratory to reach a level of precision and respect of the materials that could not be imagined years ago.
This technology became more and more present and concrete in the laboratory, and proved to be a reference for both prosthetics and metal-free prosthetics.
In 2010, the Novadent digital system was integrated with the purchase of NOBELPROCERA, in order to remain up-to-date with the latest technologies and allow the use of new, modern software.
In 2012, the idea of digitalizing the entire production of the laboratory to be consistent with the continuous innovation process, became concrete.
The ZFX Evolution scanner is the most accurate structured-light device available today. Its ‘open’ system allows Novadent to send files to the most qualified production centers on the market, to produce fluid milled artifacts.
The ZFX MILL INHOUSE is a CAM production unit that allows in-lab creation of different kinds of artifacts thanks to dry technology.
In 2014, the production of artifacts was further integrated by the new ZFX INHOUSE 5X milling machine. This 5-axis liquid-cooled device will allow to increase the available kinds of prosthetics materials.
In summary, this new production system allows to produce, starting from a block of zirconia, polyamide, pmma, wax, glass fiber, cobalt chrome, titanium, disilicate, or feldspathic ceramic, a structure that is perfect for its precision, aesthetics, and respect of the raw material.
The laboratory can intervene before the end of the process, to customize the shapes and colorations of the substructures, in order to meet the most sophisticated needs of its clients.
The digitalization of the laboratory is the first step towards the future, that will guarantee continuity and satisfaction of its clients, meeting the challenges of today’s and tomorrow’s materials.


Ivo Sighinolfi, titolare del Laboratorio Novadent

Ivo Sighinolfi, titolare del Laboratorio Novadent