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Digital Dentistry with the Agnini Brothers at the Dental Xo Global Symposium

For the 7 DentalXp Global Symposium the Agnini Brothers hold a preconference breakout session on Digital Dentistry featuring the benefits of implementing everyday clinical routine with Intra Oral Scanning Technology from Carestream.


CS3600 puts smarter scanning in everybody hands. With fast, accurate and easy digital impression capture, both clinicians and patients benefit from improved treatment planning and a streamlined workflow.


In everybody practices, every second counts. Every extra step during image acquisition is a distraction from your daily work. Fortunately, since digital scanning made simpler and easier each appointment , you have more time for diagnosis, treatment planning and, more importantly, time to focus on what really matters—caring for your patients.


DentalXP is an online dental education site with thousands of online dental videos, online CE courses, streaming lectures, and dental articles. Every Year organizes several international meetings worldwide and the biggest one is always the Global Symposium one in where all the XP Family, gather to increase their level of education and spend some quality time with friends, colleagues and families.


The Agnini Brothers were lucky enough to be part of the very first Xp symposium in Vegas in 2013 and since then they have been part of 4 Global Symposium, 1 Latin American conference and 1 Summit in NYU. They are also part of the editorial board of the website.