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DDR Education at the ADF 2019 in Paris

The ADF is a federation of 25 professional associations that cover the full range of the dental profession. It provides dentists with a wide range of services, including continuing professional education programs, publications to keep abreast of new technologies and improve the work environment, product certification, and a bibliographic database. It also represents the French dental profession on an international level.


The ADF works for the benefit of the general public as well as that of the dental community, with the future of the dental profession as a permanent guideline. It has set its aims accordingly and is putting all its efforts into encouraging scientific progress, raising the quality standards of products and equipment, improving service and the dentist-patient relationship, bringing forward new prevention methods, and finding better ways of answering the expectations of patients.


Each year, the ADF organizes an Annual Dental Meeting, a major event combining a Conference and an International Exhibition.
This year the conference was held at the Paris Palais de Congres from the 26 to the 30 of November, with over 100 major dental companies involved and a list of renowned international speakers.


DDR Education, already represented in the organization committee by Dr Pariente and Dr Karim Dada, took part to a full digital session with the Agnini Brothers, Mario Imburgia and Dr Nazariy Mykhaylyuk which were nicely moderated by Dr Alexandre Richard.