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DDR Education and DentalXp officially launch the Digital Dentistry Fellowship, online from the 15 of October

At the recent Digital Summit at Nyu, it was presented the latest project done by DDR Education in partnership with the DentalXp Educational platform.


The mission of this program is to bring easy global access to the most current, constantly updated, and highest level of the available pool of knowledge in Digital Dentistry.

In partnership with the New York University School of Dentistry, Linhart Continuing Education Program, world renowned expert educators and clinicians have been assembled
as Program Directors to create a comprehensive and modular online certificate program which allows participants to gain foundational knowledge in all the various critical aspects of the new branch of dentistry and they will be able to do this from anywhere in the world at their own pace.


In addition, the program will implement a testing program to ensure that participants acquire the requisite preparation and knowledge base for attaining a Certificate of Completion as well as access to, and the full benefits from, supplemental hands-on training in areas of scanning strategy, differences between intra oral scanners, guided surgery, new restorative materials and the diagnostic digital communication.


The program has been divided into 7 sessions, with more than 70 hours of theoretical online hours. It will be officially online starting from October 15.

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